Saturday, July 12, 2003

Oh joy, it's the weekend. How many working mothers spend their week wishing it was the weekend, and their weekend wishing it was the week again?

At work, they don't turn their noses up at your cooking, decline to eat then spend the afternoon complaining of being hungry!

At work, you tidy your own desk, and the area immediately around it. Other people tidy their own. Family, please note! Washed, folded and sometimes even ironed laundry does NOT find its way back to the wardrobe unaided. Neither does food or cutlery saunter onto the dining table without some human input.

On the other hand, you don't get hugs at work just because someone loves you. (Well, most of us would be worried if that did happen!)

Mind you, the reaction is the same at work or home if I mention baking. How to get instant popularity? Do a Nigella Lawson, and forget any pretensions to intellectual capacity! (She's lucky - she's got looks, and brains, AND can cook. Must be the looks I'm missing out on. See my last posting. Sulk.)

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