Sunday, July 06, 2003

With our two oldest boys back from a week's "camping", the poor old washing machine doesn't know why it's being punished! But I did my strike for equality - the boys did empty their bags and load the washing machine. Just to prove my point that the washing doesn't get done without human intervention - and it doesn't always have to be mine!

Now, of course, they're eager to know what delights are in store for them for the rest of the holidays. I have a pile of pamphlets and brochures, but while Supermum is out at work, I'm afraid the options are hanging around the house with Dad, or a quick visit to their childminder when Dad's out at work. Child tax benefit doesn't take into account what it costs to amuse one's offspring throughout the holidays, does it? (Unless you can prove that they did the same approved, vetted, costly activity for more than a month! And even then it isn't exactly clear if it would count, unless you have a nanny or registered carer.)

What do you do when your child comes in off the street complaining that three other kids were threatening to beat up his friend - then the same kids knock at the door wanting to "play with him" two minutes later? Nah, he isn't coming out to play!

Who said being a Mum was easy?! Funny - you spend all week looking forward to the weekend, then by the end of the weekend you're looking forward to the week ...

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