Sunday, September 28, 2003

Sunday evening, and peace reigns - tenuously. Sons no.1 and 2 have had their swimming lessons, whilst I splashed aimlessly with son no.3. We've had tea. The ear-splitting echoes of a major five-year old tantrum are still ringing in my ears (he hit his brother, who was understandably mad at him) - but all is now quiet. And a schoolfriend of no.1 son is coming across for a sleepover. The delights!

Meanwhile Long Suffering Spouse has gone across to Auntie bearing a sponge-cake. I had to fill it with butter-icing - I've gone and used up all the jam. See what I mean? I'd never make a housewife.

Earlier this afternoon, I tried to post an interesting piece of info on a work-related website earlier, but kept getting an error message. What could be worse? You try to go over and above the call of duty on a holiday weekend, and something in cyberspace stops you doing it. I'm annoyed - having found something relevant, I want to share it abroad. Humph, and humph again!

Hey-ho, better go and tidy up before the little visitor arrives!

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