Friday, October 24, 2003

Back to normal, did I say? Ha! As in, too busy for words. Too many queries at work, and everyone seemed to want things done to impossible deadlines. I was away on business two days last week and one day this week - not just jaunts for the fun of it. However, it felt as though I had to achieve even more than in a normal week, in less than a week. No wonder I feel stressed!

It's Tooth Week this week. An American penpal had a tooth out yesterday, a German penpal had oral surgery today, and the other day our no.1 son chipped a tooth eating bubble-gum! So I made an appointment, and we're off to the dentist next week.

In actual fact, it's time for the regular check-up. But for some reason, we never ever get the postcard that is supposedly sent to remind us. I must check if our postcode is wrong or something.

Auntie is still in hospital but is being sent home, to her own home, next Tuesday. Supposedly with social services dropping in four times a day, but they don't seem to have got the same message. A voicemail this afternoon said they'd be popping in at lunchtime each day. And what about the other three visits? She's mentally very confused, and I don't know if she'll manage. Noble Spouse will make further enquiries at the hospital this evening.

What else? Noble Spouse is out hospital visiting, then is going on to an exhibition that he's involved in, then if he gets home I go supermarket shopping. Not knowing when that would be, I nipped out for bread, milk, cereals and loo-rolls. With those essentials, the world won't come to an end if I don't shop for another day or two!

Right, the next task is to find the winter jackets and gloves, and see if they still fit their owners. Hey ho, it's a great life if you don't weaken ...

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