Sunday, October 05, 2003

A week on, and what's changed? Today Auntie is 87. After church, I made a lasagne for her birthday tea, a sausage casserole for her Monday lunch, a birthday cake to have here, and a smaller one to take home with her this evening. Then we had a snack lunch. An hour's peace, then off to swimming, back home to the birthday tea ... and here we are again. Stupid-face here completely forgot to give Auntie the smaller pink-iced cake to take away with her. What a twit! All I can think to do with it is to take it to work to be shared around, since there is a limit to how much pink-iced sponge cake any family can scoff.

There are problems all around. Our terminally sick dishwasher gets replaced tomorrow but when I phoned the number after five (as bidden), there was no-one there to tell me what time they're delivering the new machine. So - I have to take the kids to the childminder (five miles in the opposite direction to the way I would go to work) who will take them to school, so Hubby can stay at home for the new dishwasher. Hope it isn't hard getting cover for his own work!!

At lunchtime, oh joy, I have to drive ten miles BACK to the school (which is why I have to use the car tomorrow in the first place - normally I'd use the underground) - to see no.3 son's teacher to find out how his first weeks at school have been. Then back to work, hopefully all within the hour. Does this have the makings of "a fun day?"

Meanwhile my car indicator is certainly going kerplink, kerplink whenever I go round a corner, but I'm getting intermittent kerplink, kerscritch, kerscratches at other times too. Do I want to fit in a trip to the mechanic? Do I heck.

The Sunday Times has an article today saying that the Yummy Mummy types who gave up a career to spend time with the kids in their thirties, end up wishing they had a life outside the home in their forties. Heads you win, tails you can't lose? At least that's one dilemma I'll never face. Forty-five, and no chance of retiring before 70?!

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