Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Parents' evening came round again today. Only, now that we have three boys at school, we have to get round three classrooms. We whizzed from room to room, quietly glowing with pride at the good comments and not in the least surprised at the (mercifully few) constructive criticisms. I mean, how could we be surprised to learn that no.3 Son doesn't like being told to do things? Or that no.1 Son tries to answer more than his fair share of the questions?! As for no.2 Son - I don't know where he folds up his halo and wings when he goes to bed at night!

Today I finally finished revising a long, learned article that I've been working at (on and off) for months. It's been posted, and now I can think about other urgent concerns - like shortening two pairs of trousers, preparing my accounts for the accountant, sorting out Christmas lists and finding the Christmas card boxes!

It's the age-old question: how do you make Christmas not cost too much without seeming mean, and how do you make it a memorable occasion without devoting half your everyday life to it?! We all have busy lives, but in December we try to fit in half as much again. Last year that extra half cost me a speeding ticket. This year, I'll still try to do as much but will put up with being late for the kids' Christmas parties if it comes to it!

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