Friday, November 21, 2003

Wednesday morning started too soon - with a nightmare at 5.30 am. Suddenly it was Christmas morning, and there were no Christmas stockings, and it was too late for Santa to do anything about it. Horror! Worse than a nightmare, this was a timely warning from the North Pole to get cracking with Christmas.

What did I do? Started Christmas shopping in my lunch-break, that's what. And looked out my Christmas list, and my Christmas cards, and started thinking hard about what needed doing. The box for my folks back home is now almost complete, so I'm not totally hopeless.

But there was a real, live nightmare before that. I took the underground to work, arriving in the city centre at 8.20 am. Everything was tickety-boo except for my feet - looking down, I spied one high shoe and one flattie. There was nothing for it - back onto the underground, back to the car-park, back home for a matching pair of shoes, and reverse it all again to get to work (finally) at 9.15 am. Which proves it's a good idea to try to get to work early in the first place, or I'd have been very late indeed...

Right, it's Friday night, two boys have been to Anchor Boys, and now the oldest is at Junior BB. Next, when Noble Spouse returns from visiting Auntie, I have to go to do the weekly supermarket shop. What a joy to anticipate! Tomorrow we are being visited by one of the Godmothers, and I will win instant approval from no.1 son if I make a lemon meringue pie for the occasion. They don't want simple, easy things, do they?!

As for the rest of the weekend - well, let's see how it goes before I comment!

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