Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Computers! Noble Spouse has a friend upstairs trying to unravel what is wrong with his computer. I had a problem with my music-writing software last night, and my call to the help-desk today didn't help. I suggested what I might try, and he agreed - once he agreed that the edition of software I had, did exist! Anyway, it is okay at present so fingers crossed. Before 3 pm this afternoon, the system at work crashed, so that messed up the rest of the working day, and then when I took no.1 son for his piano lesson, my car wouldn't start to get us home again and we had to wait an hour and a half for the breakdown man.

It must be a weakness of mine - I always end up wanting to hug the breakdown man! Not that he was the most handsome thing on two legs - Noble Spouse is more so - just that I feel so pathetically grateful when my car is put back on its feet again! Only this time, I shall have to go an buy a new battery first thing tomorrow, assuming I get the car started. Ah well, I didn't have any call-outs last year, so that's not bad going.

No.1 son therefore got home SO very late that he couldn't do any cello practice or homework. I'll have to write a letter to his teacher to explain that it's all my fault. Bad Mum!!

No.2 son has molluscum contagiosum, and boy is his leg spotty - covered in the rash! No way can he go swimming at the weekend, and no way can he wear shorts for PE next week - he'll have to wear jogpants all day. Poor little soul!

No.3 son is fine. We adults have a touch of the same cold that felled the littlies last weekend, but it isn't so bad for us, so that's a relief.

You know, I could really enjoy a little glass of wine, when Noble Spouse and friend finish sorting out his computer!

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