Monday, December 15, 2003

In which Noble Spouse does battle with the breakdown insurance firm and wins...

Would you believe it? The breakdown company voided his insurance when he changed car last year. And then refused to admit any fault, and insisted it would take 48 hours to reinstate it. Oh no, said my hero. I'll stay on this phone until you get me someone with enough authority to put this mess right. No way am I waiting 48 hours before someone will take my car to the garage for me!

And it came to pass, that someone in authority did sort it out, gave him a year's free breakdown cover, and the car is now awaiting repair in the garage.

Noble Spouse won heaps of brownie points with mother-in-law, who thoroughly approved of his triumphant battle!

It hasn't been his day. Not only the car annoyances, but having to visit Auntie by bus(es) to find where she had mislaid her money and keys. And then back to collect the boys from the childminder.

We were all going to go to the panto tonight. Well, I and the big two went. Littl'un and Daddy stayed behind, grateful for a few hours' peace. We returned home very late, happy, and with the boys high as kites. Hard to tell where the caffeinated coca cola stopped and the panto excitement started!

And here endeth today, hoping tomorrow is a little easier. We have the Final Primary One nativity play to enjoy tomorrow afternoon. I hope we both manage to get there! And then Littl'un wants to go to wish his old nursery a happy Christmas. It has taken four and half months for him to want to go back there at all!

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