Thursday, December 18, 2003

Pseudo-Supermum barely has time to write a haiku tonight, let alone a whole paragraph! Indeed, I don't know if I can still string a sentence together.

There's too much on! Too many events, concerts, parties, carol-services, rehearsals ... and definitely too many Christmas cards and gifts to deal with!

We got our cards written. Mine went off last week, His this week, and the boys wrote theirs on Tuesday evening. True to form, Mr Super-Efficient whizzed through a whole class-ful of cards in the time Mr Artistic lovingly crafted four beautifully hand-drawn cards, whilst Mr Instant Gratification sat and jiggled whilst Mum "made" cards (recycling last years' best, mounted on plain card) for him to sign. Of course, this means Mr Artistic still has quite a lot more to design, and Mr I.G. decided that "making" cards was so much fun that he needed to do some more. There just hasn't been time since Tuesday.

Last year I did my week-before-Christmas supermarket run at 2 am in Asda. I thought it would be quiet. The place was humming! Worse still, the shelves hadn't been filled because even at midnight, the queues were so long that the shelf-stackers couldn't get in to stack.

This Saturday, I shall go at 6 am. There won't be any kids, guaranteed. I already have the turkey in the freezer, so I won't be looking for anything that's likely to be in short supply!

No.1 son observed that I must be stressed out - my day-at-a-time calendar was nine days out of date! I'm comforted that my penfriends must all be in the same boat, as the number of my "welcome" emails has decreased significantly. I wish the spammers would take a Christmas break too!

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