Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year from Pseudo Supermum! Welcome to 2004, and I hope that all your dreams come true. If your aims and ambitions are realisable - even if they are just slightly out of grasp - reach for them anyway, and who knows where you'll end up.

Pseudo Supermum has just been hostess to Hubby's elderly auntie for five hours. I began cooking two hours prior to that - chicken pie, vegetable soup for her to take home (but Noble Spouse thought that might offend the daily carers, so it went into our freezer instead), steamed syrup pudding and custard - meanwhile, the bread machine did the bread for tea.

We watched the Sound of Music on TV this afternoon. Seemed a sensible idea to me - at least it kept the conversation roughly speaking "on track" - even if the track was more like a circular Brio train-set! How many times have I been asked when we return to school and work? Where we're going on holiday this summer? (hang on, we've just survived Christmas - I haven't CONTEMPLATED summer yet!) - or how the boys are getting on at school? How many times have I been asked how long it takes to tidy the lounge at night? But the best was yet to come. At tea-time, there were the five of us plus Auntie, sitting round the oblong table. All present and correct, two to each side and one at each end. She got it into her head that someone was missing, and I don't think we convinced her that no, we really, truly are convinced that we only ever had three boys and hadn't lost one between lunch and tea!

Aaaagh! Pseudo-Supermum really did try very hard indeed to be a good hostess all day, but by the time Noble Spouse took his auntie home, I was ready to run screaming down the garden!

Now the dishwasher is taking its turn for the third time today, the washer/drier is nobly tumbling some towels before another washing load goes in, and No.1 Son is tidying up his bedroom. I promised to help. Excuse me .....!

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