Sunday, January 11, 2004

Ten days on, and we're back in our normal routines. So this weekend saw us going to string training orchestra yesterday, and I had to do the supermarket run on Saturday afternoon because Super Spouse was out at a society meeting on Friday night. Asda was packed!

Not having to go to swimming lessons this afternoon (because it's closed while the changing rooms are refurbished) made the afternoon positively laid-back. I appreciated that!

So what have we done? Well, not a lot. Washing and ironing. A couple of emails. Checking up on my Ebay postings. Recording some tenor lines for a choir-member. Cooking. Just generally existing, really. Sometimes it's good to have a weekend like this.

Next weekend, on the other hand! I can hardly bear to anticipate it. I must get the boys' hair cut. Then there will be string training orchestra, AND a party for no.3 son, AND collecting a friend of no.2 son -for his first sleepover invite. And very excited he is, too. All this before lunch on Saturday!

Time to phone home. More another time ...

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