Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Can you believe it is two months since Christmas? One sixth of the year gone already! I haven't STARTED to think about next Christmas yet. I'm sure a true Supermum would already have Christmas gifts, bought in the Sales, all stashed away. Damn, failed yet again!

What a day this has been. The school rang Super Spouse just after the kids had gone into school to say that our middle boy was very pale and felt sick. Could he collect him? Thinking that he could hardly take a sick boy to work with him, he said no, then phoned me. At work, that is. I had to untangle myself out of various meetings in order to go by underground back to the shopping centre where I’d left my car.

Somehow it hadn’t dawned on Super Spouse that if I was going home, there was no reason why he shouldn’t spend his free half-morning going and getting the invalid from school, then I’d be at home to look after him. As I left work, I phoned home and clarified the position! After all, he was five miles nearer to school, and had a car outside the house.

They arrived home ten minutes after me – Super Spouse telling me wrily that he had found the invalid sitting waiting in the corridor for him – eating his chocolate play-piece as he waited. I ask you – what sick child will gorge on chocolate?! If the school secretary had glanced outside her office, she’d have noticed what he was up to!

Anyway, there I was at home with a not exactly sick invalid. I took him back to school at lunchtime, once he’d tucked into his packed lunch with his normal relish, then went back to work myself. The message is that you don’t get to stay at home with Mum unless you truly are ill!

So, here I am at home after two trips to work, one to school and, after tea, a trip to no.1 son's piano lesson. Oh, and a dash to Asda during the lesson, because sons nos. 2 & 3 won’t eat the breakfast I bought last weekend.

The younger two are in bed, and I've practised with no.1 son and his cello. Schoolboys are not as hard work as when they were babies and toddlers, but they’re still fairly high maintenance!

The social worker phoned today to ask if we’d like Super Spouse's dotty auntie to stay on another month in the residential home before finalising the arrangement. She thought Auntie was settling in quite well, and advised not to visit too often, as it would only unsettle her. Which makes sense.

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