Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Full of busy as ever! In the past 24 hours, I've written 2 articles - one on my Commuter Stress appearance with Granada TV last Spring, and one in connection with my work. Tuesday night saw me taking no.2 son to a guitar lesson, and today was the piano lesson for no.1 son, who now has to do his cello practice for the lesson at school tomorrow...

To think Nana wants no.3 son to learn the bagpipes! God help us. I bought a practice chanter, but he'll have to learn to play it under close supervision. I don't want to find it getting teeth marks before he can even play a note!

What I really ought to do in the near future, is get back to writing short stories for hard cash. All I need is some inspiration, but somehow it eludes me these days. Ah well, I'll have to just keep thinking.

Excuse me - I need to accompany the cello practice, to ensure it gets taken seriously!

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