Sunday, February 01, 2004

Pseudo_Supermum is WEARY! Yesterday afternoon I snoozed for an hour before I did the weekly supermarket run. I felt as though I still hadn't properly woken up when I drove back home afterwards! We nearly chickened out of going to see The Marriage of Figaro at my work last night, but it was so good that we were glad we'd made the effort to go out.

So, now it's Sunday evening. Behind me, the ironing basket is overflowing with malevolent intent not to mention ironing. "Psst! Iron me, you lazy creature! See, you're useless, you haven't even got the energy to tackle me. Wimp!"

However, I also have three little boys who need baths and hairwashes tonight, so I'll probably attend to them first. Ironing, you have to wait.

This afternoon we visited a fabulous place called Sharmanka. Described as kinetic sculpture, it can best be described as moving mechanical sculpture with drarfs and gnomes, monkeys, angels and other macabre creatures, animals' skulls, and bits of machinery like bicycle chains, old typewriters and lawnmowers. Add in a mesmerising soundscape and inspired lighting effects - the children loved the half-hour show. I do like taking them somewhere that stretches the imagination, and Sharmanka certainly did that.

Okay, I'll get the ironing board out ready for the ironathon, then start the bath routine. Listen carefully and you'll hear the protests, wherever you are in the world! If I sit down, I'll fall asleep, so I just have to keep going .....

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