Saturday, February 21, 2004

Super Spouse (he doesn't like being called Noble Spouse, but what else can I call him? No, don't answer that!) - went to see his aged aunt in the residential home last night. She gave him hell! She was "terrified", and hadn't seen a soul, and hadn't sat and talked to anyone, nor seen anyone at mealtimes. What a lonely couple of days she must have endured. And she wanted to go home. Super Spouse was worried - until he spoke to the nurse in charge, on his way out. "Look", she said - and there was Aged Auntie sitting in the lounge, chatting away to another resident with whom she has already become quite friendly. Apparently it is quite common for old people to spin this story to their anxious residents, whereas in actual fact they are settling in quite well, and experiencing no real problems at all!

Pseudo Supermum (I can't be Supermum - there are two Real ones out there already!) has had a busy Saturday, as part of the family taxi firm. Took no.3 son to Glasgow to get his new glasses. No.1 son to Paisley for his orchestra rehearsal. No.3 son to Bearsden for a birthday party. Not to mention doing the washing, the ironing, stoking the bread machine, preparing meals, and doing some organ practice during the birthday party. No rest for the wicked, as they say!

Meanwhile Super Spouse was doing an interlocking taxi service in different directions! We didn't believe friends who gloomily predicted this situation, some years ago ...

It is just after 9 at night, and I can triumphantly announce that two out of three boys are in bed, but not asleep, whilst the third is triumphantly on the net on his Dad's computer, having waited "AGES" for Dad to finish using his own computer.

Now I need to phone home, to see how my father got on at the BUPA hospital today. He was getting a colonoscopy and and ileoscopy - poor devil, I don't envy him at all. As I said to my mother, now Dad is into the BUPA system, his health checks have become almost like another hobby - except of course, that you dread them finding anything nasty while they're exploring his innards. After the dreadful time he had a couple of years ago, it is a good thing that they're keeping an eye on him. Hopefully by now he's at home, having a well-deserved sleep in his own bed.

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