Saturday, March 06, 2004

97 Australian, 73 American, 109 New Zealand dollars! For a couple of days I'd been thinking that the hamster's cheek looked swollen. By this afternoon, I was convinced that Sparky had an abscess. Oh yes, I was right. Off we drove to the emergency vet, which cost £39.50 to get the abscess drained and antibiotic administered. I still think I was right to go - how could I leave an animal suffering for another 48 hours until there was a chance to take it to our normal local vet. (Which would still have cost a fair bit, but not the emergency Saturday-afternoon rate!) We were shown the amount of gunge drained out of that poor little hammie - horrendous and revolting, I can assure you!

The hamster is two years old. I leave you to work out for yourself that it is quite elderly in hamster terms, abscess or not ...

Well, what shall I do with the rest of my afternoon? Maybe continue my Ebay craft project? I haven't finished making my wares yet, but it will be interesting to see if I can sell them once they're completed.

Picked up no.1 son from his sleepover at 11.15 this morning. I expected a happy boy. I got a tired, trainee- teenager mega-grump who would barely speak to me. Took him to orchestra and got a row for not having the cello spike protector which HE took off recently - actually, I think he threw it away, but he won't admit it. Anyway, he wanted it to be my fault that I brought the cello minus this little rubber ferrule thing. I brought cello, music and music stand, and thought I was doing well, actually!

"Mum, I've got too much happening", he whinged. "The music course, all these concerts, the cello exam ..." Come on son, get real. If a well-balanced ten-year old can't cope with four buckshee days off school for a music course, then I am sorry for him! And if you go on the course, it follows that you'll have to do the concerts after it.

Better go and do something real rather than virtual for the next hour. Happy relaxing weekend, folks!

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