Monday, March 01, 2004

Being the Pseudo-Supermum of a musical boy ain't half a time-consuming business! Saturday saw two trips to and from the string training orchestra. This evening I was at a parents' meeting in connection with a music course. Came home to practise guitar with musical boy no.2, then cello with musical boy no.1. Tomorrow evening - oh joy, an evening at home! Wednesday - piano lesson then take our cellist to visit a professional cellist of my acquaintance. Thursday - my own choir practice. And then next week - the music course! A concert at the end of the week, and two concerts the week after. Finally, I have to try to arrange to accompany the first cello exam.

Dare I whisper it - Nana wants boy no.3 to learn the bagpipes! We already have a cheap chanter, but he doesn't yet understand that you don't BITE the mouthpiece. Well, he is only five, and his fingers are very small still, so I'm not too worried. Nana doesn't understand that bagpipes are very loud, and we live in a very built-up, urban area - no wild hills and glens for him to go off and tootle in! The best place for pipes and drums in the centre of a city is, according to a local expert, on top of a multi-storey car-park. So park your car cannily, or you're in for a BIG surprise!

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