Sunday, March 14, 2004

The Bloggity Blogger folk are all having a knees-up in Texas tomorrow. It's not fair! In the interest of cyber-equality, I demand a bloggity knees-up in Scotland next!

You don't want to know how yesterday went. No.1 son behaved himself, but sons nos.2 & 3 were really rather badly-behaved at Godmother H's. They were an embarrassment at the tea-table, and bickered contentedly before and after tea. Mind you, the crumbed turkey aeroplanes were a bit well-done, so I suppose no.2 son could be forgiven for looking up as a plateful of turkey dinosaurs appeared next, and asking innocently, "are these burnt, too?" At least everyone laughed.

Today has been a near-normal Sunday. Bribed by the thought of cheap sweeties, the boys were no trouble at church. Lunch disappeared like snow off a dyke - it's WONDERFUL being able to put virtually anything in front of the boys and see it demolished, after several years of being profoundly picky eaters.

Unfortunately I spent WAY too much at Asda this afternoon, but I suppose a jacket for no.3 son, and a mothering Sunday gift, did account for a bit of the overspend. (no.3 son had frayed the sleeve of his winter anorak so very badly that I couldn't let him go out of the house in it this morning. I'm not proud, and I'm not the type to be embarrassed at some slight damage discovered at the last minute. But that sleeve was so tatty that it was distinctly beyond repair.) Of course, Asda didn't even have any winter jackets in their "reduced" section, but hadn't yet got round to displaying summer jackets. I scoured the place, went round the clothing section three or four times - and emerged triumphantly clutching the ONLY jacket for any boy older than 3 but younger than 15! It'll be fine in a week or two, and until then he'll have to wear no.2 son's cast-off jacket. I spent half an hour repairing that and changing over the name-tags.

Now, I'll do a little bit of sewing for my Ebay project (that counts as relaxation, please note), and then I want to get into serious research-mode. I need to ensure that no-one has ever tackled my research project, before I actually get started on it myself. I foresee some hours spent turning the internet inside out and backwards, for a start!

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