Monday, March 08, 2004

Ghastly day. It began with Super Spouse alleging I had given him duff info about a packaging firm's quote to package something. The only part I had in the proceedings was being given the firm's phone number, writing it on a piece of paper, and handing it to Super Spouse. No way could I have remembered the phone number, still less phoned the firm to get the duff gen - I no longer had the number, did I?!

It was busy, busy, busy all day at work - especially now I have to log every single query I get, whether phone, email or in person. And at the end of the day, the computer system started misbehaving. But no-one believed me.

Am I paranoid? I absolutely HATE being falsely accused, and I equally HATE making what I perceive to be a valid point and having it brushed aside as of no consequence. How loud do I have to shout to make people acknowledge me? I DO know what I'm talking about, and I am tired of feeling marginalised.

Anyway, if the computer system isn't working properly, then I can't do half of my job. Tomorrow could, therefore, be fun. I'll have to sit and watch a backlog accumulate that I can't deal with. (We have to monitor how long it takes us to process things, too.)

Ah well, I am home now - safe in the bosom of my loving family, ha ha! I'd better help no.1 son pack his bag for his music course. Then get no.3 son ready for bed, followed by no.2 son, and maybe at some stage I'll be free to sneak out for petrol while Super Spouse holds the fort and plays computer games. (I haven't got three boys - I have four!)

Sorry - I am feeling exceptionally grouchy today. Humph, herrumph!

And I don't think the hamster is getting any better. More about that another time.

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