Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sparky the hamster isn't living up to his name. I mean, it kind of suggests a lively, funky little furry creature, doesn't it? But Sparky is no bright spark this week - I don't think his spark-plugs are firing much at all. He's not comatose - he just doesn't come out to play. I don't know if he'll last the week, so I hope I won't have to break bad news to no.1 son on his cello camp. If he doesn't ask, I won't say. I'd rather explain it when he comes home, if that's the way things turn out.

"Mum, if I was ill, would you spend £39.50 on me?", I was asked. To which I replied that thankfully Tony Blair's NHS still pays for humans to get medical attention when they're ill (or should I say, our taxes still pay...) - but that there's no NHS for hamsters!

As for the work computer system - the problem I identified last night was a temporary one and is resolved today, but two of us have encountered a different fault. Hey-ho, I am off to the second day of my St Andrew's health and safety at work First Aid course tomorrow, so I won't have to go into work at all - apart from lunch, which is ironically provided ... at my work!

No.2 son has a stuffed up nose and a cough. I think he was swinging for a day off this morning, but the ruse didn't work. He isn't even under the weather! And tomorrow, Mum HAS to be at the first aid course. I fail, otherwise - and that's a whole course fee wasted. Can't risk that! What a good thing I stocked up the medicine cabinet the other week - we've got plenty of Calpol and cough mixture for emergencies. (Not the same as the recommended contents of an Official First Aid Box. Would you like me to tell you what they are? No, I thought not.)

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