Friday, March 12, 2004

Took no.2 son to a percussion concert on Wednesday evening. We survived the first half, but it's embarrassing when you've deliberately picked front seats - and a little voice beside you says, "Mu-um, I'm BORED!" I hadn't intended to stay for the second half of the concert; I reckoned half a concert was enough for someone who is not quite 8 years old! He loved the drum opening. There were seven players in the line-up, and it was astoundingly loud. The marimbas etc were great, and the piece for marimba and alto saxophone was stunning. The marimba soloist deserves to go far - I understand he's heading to music college in London for further studies after the summer.

Tonight (Friday), sons no.2 & 3 came with me to hear no.1 son in his first string orchestra concert, and a good noise those players made, too. There were no seats left in the audience when we arrived - and we WERE on time, too - so we sat on the floor and leant against a pillar at the side of the hall. I was the only parent sitting on the floor, but several other kids were there with us! The Terrible Two squiggled and wiggled beside me, and I lost count of my "shushes", but they were fairly quiet really. No.1 son had a fantastic time, but was eager to find out if we'd missed him! As well as the music, they'd done archery, tree-climbing, Highland games and a disco - quite a busy week, all in all!

Sparky the hamster has survived to the end of the week, but is going back to the vet tomorrow - this time, a proper appointment at our own vet. It turns out the vet. nurse at our practice was on duty when Sparky went to the PDSA last weekend, so she'll be able to compare how he is now, compared to then. I reckon he's considerably worse - tomorrow could be curtains for Sparky. Still, two years old is quite an age for a hamster. There might be a few tears, all the same.

No.3 son crashed out as soon as his head hit the pillow. No.2 son is ready for bed, and no.1 son is telling the world about his week on his own blogger. What a bloggity family we're turning into.

While he was away, I read two books recommended to me by no.1 son - so I can now recommend Catherine MacPhail : Run Zan run (a Scottish girl deals with bullies and makes a new friend), and Michael Morpurgo : Kensuke's kingdom, which is a modern Robinson Crusoe type tale with a twelve-year old boy and an old Japanese castaway as the heroes of the story. Both excellent.

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