Friday, March 05, 2004

What a week! To Stirling for a meeting on Tuesday, then a first aid course on Wednesday, and a four-hour job evaluation meeting on Thursday. A choir practice on Thursday night - the heating was much too warm, and we were just about melting, by the end of the practice. I don't think it's my age (yet) - everyone was half-dead with the heat, too. The piano was beside the radiator, and the radiator has lost the knob for turning it off - so it stands to reason that I was in the hottest place in the room! It also explains why the piano sounds so off-key.

no.1 boy is away having a sleepover with a friend tonight. My little birds are fleeing the nest already!

What do you do when your Super Spouse is a computer game addict? The only way I'll be able to tempt him downstairs for supper is to whisper "cheese on toast" in his ear, as seductively as I can manage. The seduction might not work, but the cheese on toast is a sure winner!

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