Sunday, March 21, 2004

What a week! Two concerts for no.1 son and his cello - to his embarrassment, his cello spike got stuck and had to be retrieved with pliers. Guess who will take pliers to the cello exam tomorrow morning, just in case?!

Because of the exam, we are trying to get lots of practice done. Here's hoping it pays off! I think his school-teachers are getting tired of him getting leave of absence!

Yesterday, we bought a baby gerbil, borrowed a library book about gerbils, got knee and elbow pads for no.1 son (who has just taken up roller-blading), and had a surprise invitation for no.2 son to go and spend the day with a friend. The two of them made the arrangement but forgot to tell me! So it was all arranged after breakfast yesterday morning! It's a shame that no.2 son was upset because he couldn't get through to his friend by phone, and the friend was upset because he hadn't phoned - but we adults didn't even know why they wanted to speak to one another!

We got up this morning to more pouring rain, two vandalised car mirrors, and vandalised windows at church too. What a weekend!

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