Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Would you believe it? That dear little baby gerbil lasted just 3 days, then grew feeble and died. No.1 son says our garden is like a graveyard (2 hamsters and a gerbil) - I said it was better to call it a garden of remembrance and be grateful the pets weren't bigger! (Ours is a very, very small garden.)

He tried to say that the cage was unsuitable, then that the gerbil was in a draught (how come the hamster lived for 2 years in the same cage, same spot?) - then that it died of a broken heart because it was lonely ...

Well, we'll take the cage to the pet-shop on Saturday to make certain sure it is suitable for gerbils, get the replacement gerbil promised us by the pet-shop man, and a wee pal to keep it company. I'm getting tired of pets!

Last night, as you'll gather, was a bit stressful. I was also supposed to be revising for a First Aid exam - but by the time I sat down to do it, I was so tired that I promptly fell asleep. No - I didn't practice resuscitation on the gerbil - it was a bit small and a bit too far gone!

This morning, the St Andrew's Ambulance depot was the very last place I wanted to be, but I did manage to pass the test and get the badge. With that in my pocket, I went and I joined Noble Spouse at the school parents' evening. In our house, we have one shiny halo and wings, and two moderately shiny sets. I won't say who has which.

Tonight, everyone was tired - me and no.1 son in particular. His piano teacher thought he was too tired to do any significant work - that says it all. He didn't object to going to bed a bit earlier. Neither shall I.

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