Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Flat out! All the way to Aberdeen and back to discover that the very nice 19th century book of flute tunes didn't actually shed any light on my research at all. You win some, lose some.

I then worked my afternoon and evening duty, got home around 9 pm - shattered - had tea, pottered about a bit before bedtime ....

This morning I woke with fearful indigestion and my stomach tied in knots. Plainly too much tea, too late at night. I ate nothing until lunchtime, and will certainly be ready for my bed tonight. This evening after tea, I took no.2 son to his guitar lesson, then we went to a meeting at church. Got home past his bedtime, chased him to bed, did cello practice with no.1 son, chased him to bed [REPEATEDLY ... grrrrr!] - and now for some "me" time. Half an hour or so?
Aw, shucks!

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