Saturday, April 24, 2004

I'm done in! No.2 son is eight today. Last night, I got in from work, had tea, baked scones (for Noble Spouse and his friend who was visiting us last night), prepared the shopping list, baked two sponges for the birthday cake, got two boys off to bed, and went for the supermarket run. Forgetting the list! Got a couple of last-minute things in Toys'R'Us, then managed the shopping without the list. Back home, heaved it all indoors and put it away solo (since the visitor was still here), and eventually calculated that I had been on the go for 16.5 hours. No wonder I was dead on my feet.

This morning was taken up with making curry, assembling and decorating the cake - you should see it! - and getting up to date with laundry. Noble Spouse took our three and three more to see Scooby Doo 2, then I went to help ferry them all home for tea.

I vastly overestimated how many chicken noodles six little boys could get through. Had to cater for two non-curry eaters, so I gave everyone chicken dippers, curry for those that wanted, noodles for ditto, and fried potato stars for the boy that ate neither curry nor noodles. Phew! The volume was rising all the time. Ice-cream Vienetta for those that still had room, cake for even less of them, slices into party-bags for the abstainers, and then their Mums arrived. Yippee!! Still, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I feel brain-dead now. I was arranging a colleague's piece of Scottish music for choir the other night, and I got it all entered into the computer - so I just need to spend an hour or two to finish the details, then I can print it out. It's a gorgeous tune - and my arrangement seems to work quite well. I hope he'll like it.

Tartan teacosies! I sold two, plus a non-tartan one. Re-listed the rest, and am gratified to see another two have been bid for straight away. This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme, it would appear. But I have more ideas up my sleeve. Would I have made an entrepreneur?

Off to Aberdeen tomorrow afternoon - just for an overnight stay, so I can look at a book of Scottish flute tunes on Monday morning in the University Library. Then straight back to work - I have to work the afternoon and evening. I'll be dead on my knees again by then!

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