Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Monday. A week's holiday, Hallelujah! The morning went fine - dental check-up, returning library books, going to the post office - then everything turned pear-shaped. The fridge interior light wasn't working, and when I took it out then screwed it back in (in case it was a loose connection) - there was a pop, a bang, and the whole ring-main fused.

While waiting for the engineer, the fridge decided to start again after all. I didn't know fridges had automatic cut-offs that closed everything down for an hour, but I know now.

Whilst playing with one of the gerbils, it escaped out of our hands, and just while a madwoman and three over-excited little boys were leaping over the furniture trying to capture it, the engineer arrived. He took one look at the situation and just said laconically, "I'll go and look at the fridge, shall I?"

I paid £50 to be told that my assumption about the automatic cut-off was correct ... then had to go out and buy a new interior light for the fridge. The engineer didn't carry spares.

After all that, we went to the swimming pool - where we bumped into no.3 son's best friend from his nursery days. That made the outing all the more enjoyable for everyone.

Today, no.2 son is away playing at his friend's house, but the friend is coming for a sleepover tonight. Am I a glutton for punishment? Meanwhile, no.1 husband is visiting a fellow tram enthusiast in London. It sounds as though he's having a ball. (Did I say no.1 husband? Absolutely correct. There won't be another - it would take to long to train one!)

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