Thursday, April 15, 2004

Pseudo Supermum is having a bet with herself. Can she sell tartan teacosies on Ebay? Mum says no-one uses tea-cosies. Noble Spouse thinks I'm wasting my time. So ... if readers of Pseudo Supermum know anyone with the surname Stewart, McDonald or Lindsay - and whichever clan uses Black Watch tartan ... please tell them to go and look on Ebay within the next week. All made by Pseudo Supermum. For good measure, I have added a turquoise clamshell patchwork tea-cosy (handmade but not by me) and a simple red-on-white floral print one, which was produced commercially some time in the 1980's. Help me prove my relatives wrong!

It has taken three days to get through the backlog at work occasioned by my week's vacation last week. The students return after their vacation next Monday, and I want to be on top of everything before more requests and queries come flooding in. The boys, meanwhile, are still on holiday, being shared between Noble Spouse and our trusty childminder, depending on Spouse's work commitments. They had a water-bomb fight in the back garden just now. I haven't looked to see how many tiny, brightly-coloured burst balloons are lurking in our very long grass!

Now, Pseudo Supermum needs to phone Sister of Supermum. I've been promising to phone since Tuesday - I really must keep to my promise!

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