Sunday, April 18, 2004

Tartan Teacosy Trader optimistic!

Two tartan teacosies have been bid for, so far. I'm not sure if I should be cautiously optimistic or not!

As weekends go, this one has been quiet. School begins again on Tuesday, so the kids were packed off to bed at a "sensible time", to reestablish the normal pattern of bedtimes that we try to stick to during school terms. A little gentle music practice took place this evening - just easing ourselves back into the swing of things - and we'll have another go tomorrow. There's also the Grand Sorting of the Schoolbags to get done!

Now Pseudo Supermum is going to be Pseudo Studious Supermum. Excuse me while I go and read a textbook, just for the hell of it. I must be mad!

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