Monday, April 12, 2004

TWO blogs in a day? That proves it has been a bank holiday. When I looked at my last posting I noticed (not for the first time) how the Google ads that appear at the top of the page are always linked to subject matter in the blog posting. So, we had - er - a certain white machine found in a kitchen - and little furry animals. Now I shall experiment to see what Google ads will appear if I mention something totally different. No.1 son returned from his sleepover, jubilant at having been stomping about on the moors all day, getting MUDDY, DIRTY, TIRED - and you should see his white sports socks after stepping into a peat bog up to the ankles! I've cleaned his trainers and hung them up to dry. The socks are soaking in bleach (phew!). The clothes are ALL in the wash. Who's complaining? He and his friend had a fantastic, out-doorsy time. Which is just how boys should spend their sunny holidays!

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