Friday, April 02, 2004

We have two new gerbils - they've lived a week, so they're doing well. They have a new draught-free cage, and are very frisky. Too frisky - the "loving brothers" turn out to be brother and sister, and have been copulating by the book - so we anticipate lots of little red gerbil pups in about a month from now.

Tuesday was a Bad Day. Owing to a slip-up on my part, my mobile phone contract wasn't cancelled when I changed to pay-as-you-go in February. I had an argument with the phone firm before I even went out to work in the morning - and they weren't giving an inch. Got to the underground station and found the outer circle was off, so I had a crushed journey the long way round. Had a fairly futile day at work, came home and found that my computer didn't want to go on the internet, no way, no how. Took no.2 son to his guitar lesson, and had my wing-mirror bashed before I even got out of our neighbourhood. The street isn't really wide enough for parked cars on either side AND cars travelling in both directions. The moron that bashed me must have been over the white dotted line, since I know I was on the correct side of it!

Come to think of it, my Revo should have had a little bed symbol beside the date, to indicate that I wasn't meant to get out of mine at all.

Ah well, yesterday I took a half-day's leave to make some phone-calls about the computer. Eventually I had made four calls to the ISP and six to the computer firm, resulting in the promise to replace my modem next Monday. Which would have been fine except ...

Fifteen minutes later, I just doggedly decided to try to get online one last time. Bingo! No problem. Was there ever a problem? And I got home from work TODAY, to find that I can still get online, but the computer firm hasn't actually got the right modem in stock in any case. It's an ill wind that blows no good, as they say.

I've done the supermarket run, put shopping away, chased the boys to bed - the amount of "me-time" left at the end of all this seems to dwindle increasingly (or should that be decreasingly?). This time I have forty minutes before we subside with a glass of wine and some supper.

Someone write and say something encouraging! It hasn't been a good week.

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