Monday, April 12, 2004

When the kids get too argumentative or fractious, I read once, head for the open spaces!

So while no.1 son has been away on a sleepover, we took the younger two to a country park this morning. They clambered and scrambled over all the lovely wooden structures in woody clearings, specially laid out for the enjoyment of kids from 3 to 13! Wore off lots of energy, had a picnic and an ice-cream, and no.2 son tried the stepping stones over the stream. But stepped off them. That's why we left that treat until we were on the way back to the car....

Stopped off for a quick coffee with no.2 son's godmother, then went home to enjoy the rest of a lazy bank holiday.

So, David Beckham has fallen from his pedestal and GUESS WHAT? Posh Spice is being blamed for trying to be a working mum rather than a breeding mare. So, working motherhood is becoming unfashionable again? I could have told you so! We can't have it all - if you try to do everything, be a perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect careerist - something has to give. I could list the friends who have tried and eventually decided that part-time working is the best solution. Unfortunately we can't afford that option. I could also mention colleagues suffering from severe work-related stress. I can't afford to be sick, either!

Okay, fellow working mums of the world unite - grit your teeth and get on with doing your best, as we've all been trying to do all along.

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