Thursday, May 13, 2004

Monday to a meeting in London. All the way from Glasgow - I won't comment on how it went, but it was a very long day by the time I got home again.

Tuesday by rail to Perth for private research. I didn't find out much, but it was an enjoyably peaceful day.

Wednesday - if it was Wednesday, it was Glasgow again. Busy, busy, busy catching up. If someone requests some music to be acquired by the library, the request MUST be processed same day. When the music arrives, it MUST be catalogued the same day. Why not the same rules for the other stuff?!

Thursday, and things got worse. Super-Spouse had to have a tooth extracted, and sprained his ankle on the way. I've been as sympathetic as I know how, but my version of sympathy isn't good enough. I wish I could find the script for "The Ideal Sympathetic Spouse", then I wouldn't fail so miserably every time.

Meanwhile Pseudo Supermum sat at work wondering why the areas of influence that used to be hers keep getting taken off her. I work hard, I'm intelligent and capable, I'm not incompetent, I don't slack on the job. So why do I find myself constantly sidelined?

Got home to be found Wanting in the Sympathy Stakes.

Had tea, got ready for choir practice and set forth. A blooming Brownie Mum gazumped me into a parking space outside church. I had tried to get into a space, decided my parking wasn't neat enough, pulled forward, put the car into reverse - which meant the reverse lights were on - and turned the wheels for my manoevre. And this Dreadful Mother calmly nipped into the space I was clearly reversing into. Stupid woman! Stupidissimo!

Plainly, it doesn't have to be FRIDAY the thirteenth to be a bad day.

Why has Pseudo Supermum barely mentioned the boys? Because they were just their sweet normal selves, loving and quite understanding. They're cute when they aren't bickering!

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