Thursday, May 06, 2004

Pseudo-Supermum had a DAY OFF. Well, a day out of my annual leave entitlement, to be honest. I had to wait in for a delivery - but I put in some time reading a book of essays in connection with my research, so it wasn't a wasted day. And made a huge pot of curry sauce so that we could have prawn curry for tea. (I made a double quantity, and froze the other half - never cook if you can't make the cooking session provide for two meals!)

Before tea, we took Son no.3 to the doctor about his alopecia. The doctor doesn't seem too bothered - says it doesn't look like alopecia totalis (thank heavens!). It's alarming enough for me. I'm so proud of that little boy's gorgeous auburn-brown hair - it's thick and shiny, and (okay, I'm biased) he's such an appealing kid. I couldn't bear it if we had to go for a short, shaved style. Well, we have lotion to put on the "thin patch", and here's hoping it works. Pray, please!

Tea over, we got ready for our respective choir practices. Super-Spouse had a call to say that the organist of his neighbouring church wouldn't be out for their joint choir practice. I guess SS has had a busy evening, if he had to conduct TWO choirs and play the piano all at once. They're doing a joint concert in a month's time. Here's hoping the other chap gets well soon!
Meanwhile my lot got to grips with a l-o-n-g (and difficult) chorus. I wonder what it'll sound like when the congregation joins in .....???

Then we tried my choral arrangement of a Scottish tune that one of my work colleagues wrote. It's going to sound good!

Right, it's time I put the kettle on.

Take a look at my eBay postings - search under Union Jack Tea-cosy, and Tartan Tea-cosy. I'm mad, I admit it!

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