Wednesday, March 23, 2005


After the domestic stress of the cello auditions, and an exceptionally busy month in many other ways too, I could barely put one foot in front of another today. I am so weary! Caffeinated coffee doesn't begin to alleviate the weariness. So I'm stressed. No time to deal with it - I just have to keep on the treadmill.

Discovered another HUGE, mountainous job that I shall have to undertake at work - yes, folks, it's all for me. Heaven knows how long it will take - weeks or months, I suspect. No rest for the wicked. (No time to be wicked, come to think of it...)

At lunch-time, I dashed to the bank, to the music shop, and to the camera shop to collect SuperSpouse's long-forgotten photies. Except - although they were within the agreed collection time, the shop didn't recognise the order number, couldn't find the photies, and insisted SuperSpouse must have gone to another branch. EXCUSE ME, he doesn't know any other branch. As far as he is concerned, these premises ARE the only shop by this name. But it isn't one of our order numbers. How clear do I have to make it? He only ever comes to this shop. He has angina. He couldn't and wouldn't walk to the other side of Glasgow to another branch, apart from not knowing of its existence. After a quarter of an hour, I gave up.

I want a new pair of trousers to go with a new jacket that I bought in a Sale the other day. Do I have time to go looking for them? Nah!

Had to use some flexi-time to leave work early this afternoon - not for research, but so I could attend to family matters, like booking the boys into a week of sporting activities during their Easter break, and then going to parents' evening.

Once again, Middle-man still has invisible wings and a halo. Remarkable, really. No.1 son continues to do well, too. No.3 ...

... is a scamp. Sigh! I suppose there's one in every family.

This evening no.3 told me he had "lost some house-points". Why? For drawing on a neighbouring factory wall with wet paper hand-towels during play-time. The mind boggles.

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