Sunday, April 24, 2005

Birthday Boy is in bed - and still high as a kite!

At 3.17 am, he plodded into our bedroom. "Hi, Mum, Dad - it's my birthday!" - followed by his little brother. Not wanting to seem unfeeling, it still seemed a bit early to start celebrating.

"Happy Birthday, son - now, go back to bed please."


At 6.17 am, he was back. "Can I wake up my brothers now? I want my presents!"

"But they're asleep ..."

"But it's my birthday!"

He woke up the little one. The big one somehow staggered in five minutes later. Birthday Boy gleefully opened his cards, counted his cash, and realised with glee that he could buy the desired game. Yippee!

For his party, we took him and no.1 son, and four school friends, to Glasgow Climbing Centre. It is a converted church - a fabulous place.

They had a ball - I'd recommend it. The little one came home with me - I cooked turkey curry while he played on the GameCube uninterrupted. Then we went back to help ferry them all home to tea. We arrived back at the climbing centre to meet sons no.1 & 2 in the churchyard, having just climbed down the outside of the church tower. They were the only kids brave enough - the four little guests just watched admiringly and went back down the stairway!

The kids were wild! Two in particular were completely uncontrollable. I felt guilty plying them with Coca Cola, knowing the caffeine would only make them worse. And it did.

Still, we knew we only had an hour to go before the parents came to take our little guests away, so we survived.

A quick room-tidy ensued before no.3 son could get to bed. And, as I mentioned, no.2 is now in bed, still fizzing. They will be a little tired in the morning.

Do I feel like research tonight? I could as soon go back to the Climbing Centre as think serious, intellectual thoughts this evening!

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Gina Weeks said...

Happy Birthday to your number 2 son and my number 1 daughter. Phew! The birthday parties have passed. We have had many common experiences lately, including the nits and crawling critters! It's a very, very small world!

Love you! Keep up the fight!