Sunday, April 17, 2005

He's upstairs wiggling that wobbly tooth. What I want to do is see if I can write today's blog posting before the tooth comes out!

Talk about hanging by a thread - the suspense of when he'll manage to pull that tooth out is almost unbearable.

Here is a salutary lesson about an over-ambitious PseudoSupermum: yesterday morning (Saturday), I woke with a slight headache. I took two paracetamols and thought no more about it.

By 11 am it was worse. Two more paracetamols.

It was no better by lunchtime, so after lunch I tried the new, patent method for tension headaches : heated gel pad tied round the back of the neck with a tea-towel. (Remember, if you decide to try for yourself - REMOVE the pad and tea-towel before you answer the front door.) Well, after two applications, the headache was definitely abating. What puzzles me is, how would I manage to use this method at work?

Okay, fine - so I pottered about with a little bit of gentle research until tea-time. As is always the way after a headache, I was shattered, so I had a little snooze after tea. Did a bit more vague web-searching in between getting the boys to bed.

Then came the fun - SuperSpouse's computer let him become an eBay vendor, but absolutely and resolutely refused to let him sell anything. It froze, at every attempt. Something to do with cookies, and yes, we did all the right things about internet options etc. We wasted hours. Finally, gave up and had a wee sherry and a light supper.

I suppose spending hours at a computer after a headache wasn't very clever, really. But it didn't merit what happened next - a terrible pain right across both collarbones. And a touch of indigestion. Must have been indigestion, because indigestion tablets settled it - but where did the pain across the collarbones come from? I felt decidedly weird for a while.

Finally, got to bed and fell asleep while SuperSpouse continued to work on getting his computer back to rights. Didn't feel too great first thing, but I was fine by the time I got to church and had to think about playing. And have been okay the rest of the day.

The tooth is out! Thank heavens for that. Now he won't be distracted it by it.

Did you read in the UK papers this weekend the fact that a small party for your kid's birthday can cost £300? Not in our household it doesn't! We're taking Birthday boy (no.2 son), and four school-friends, and no.1 son, to an indoor climbing centre. £60 for an hour and three-quarters of instruction, then we'll come home for burgers in buns. That's enough, we think! Some parents must go completely mad, for £300. I know peer pressure is a terrible thing, but haven't they the strength to resist it and tailor the party to suit their pockets?

Time to get Nearly Birthday Boy to bed, and to make some party invitations. Excuse me - gotta get SuperBusy!

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