Monday, April 25, 2005

Ladies who lunch [too late]

If I had been sharper off the mark getting away for my lunchbreak, and if I hadn't gone to the bank before going to buy a sandwich, then I might have got an egg mayo sandwich with no bother. But I didn't stop to think that they'd all be sold out ... and by the time I got there, they'd gone.

I thought I'd have an egg roll instead. I didn't realise that someone would fry the egg then and there, and stick it in a roll. Still, once I got over the shock, it seemed a nice idea.

So there I was, crossing the road back to work, tucking into my egg roll and wondering when I'd get to the yolk. Little did I realise that it was drip, drip, dripping down my hand, the sleeve of my jacket, the front of same, my black trousers and even onto my shoe. What a yucky, disgusting mess! A colleague handed me a paper hanky so I could remove the worst of it before even venturing indoors again! I hurried to the ladies' loo, and scrubbed at my clothes until I looked decent again. I couldn't wear the jacket home, so it's lucky I also had a fleece with me.

Busy career mum? I'd be safer staying at home with a pinny over a woolly jumper! Next time I want something "in a roll", I'll have a bacon roll - it's marginally less messy.

Change of subject- my stress levels must be rising. My arms and shoulders ache when I'm at my desk ... at work, but not at home. My legs ache when I'm walking around ... at work, but not at home. Dear reader, the remedy may be glaring obvious, but it is economically impossible. The other remedy would be to find someone to give me a neck-and-shoulders massage, during my lunchbreak.

It would keep me away from egg rolls, too ...

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