Saturday, April 30, 2005

Nits! You know, it's obvious why Horrid Henry strikes such a chord with little boys - the stories so neatly tie in with everyday parts of their lives.


When no.3 son was scratching furiously at breakfast-time, I was suspicious. Now then, he has a distinctive white streak of hair on the top of his head - a Marilyn streak, I believe it's called. As we arrived back home after the swimming lessons, no.1 son spotted a moving black object on the white hair. No.2 son gleefully flicked it off. Mum found another four or five in the rigorous Bath-Shampoo-Conditioner-Teatree rinse that followed.

No.3 son is officially nit-free. No.2 has been checked and declared clear. No.1 will be checked tomorrow.

It's been a lovely sunny day. This afternoon, I took the kids to Largs. This picture is courtesy of


I sat on a rug, the kids skimmed stones and dug the sand ... and it was lovely just watching them play together contentedly without fighting for a couple of hours. Played frisby and ended up paddling into the water to rescue it. Played ball with a free Alliance & Leicester inflatable one that I was given last summer. What an idyllic way to spend an afternoon.

Came home and started cooking tea, and the kids went upstairs. Immediately, yelling, screaming, wailing - all down to the bloody electronic games. They're pure trouble, those gadgets!

I've pottered about, titivating the talk I'm giving at the conference tomorrow, and just have to go upstairs to tuck no.1 son into bed. Then it'll be time for a wee glass of wine before we too hit the hay.

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