Saturday, May 21, 2005

27/30 is good enough! No.1 son was apparently griping to a friend that he wished he'd got a higher mark. "Don't beat yourself up about it", Mathematical WhizzKid reassured him. "Hey, that's 92%!" (He'd worked that out in his head as he spoke. Enough to make you sick, isn't it?! And they're only eleven!)

Meanwhile - I hang my maternal head in shame. No.3 son's Sunday School teacher rang me up last night. Would I have a word with him, please? He'd been so disruptive last Sunday that it was almost impossible to manage the rest of the class. Oh dear - that reflects so badly on me. I like this idea suggested by the Bad Behaviour experts - the notebook for recording pocket-money deductions. I am getting a notebook today. But no half-measures. If he plays up tomorrow, he loses the entire week's pocket money.

And don't mention swimming to me, either. We had another performance at the start of today's lesson. I had to coax no.3 out of the changing room, along the side of the pool - with about 20 parents watching on - and carefully lower him into the waiting arms of his swimming instructor. I didn't lose the plot. He did end up in the water. I saw him doing backstroke, with no float. What is it with the child?

Okay, there will be experts telling me he's attention-seeking. Believe me, our boys get loads of attention. Neglectful parents we're not.

But I'm obviously getting something wrong. I can't change the way other people behave, so I must change the way I behave. If I knew what I had to change!

"It's always darkest before it goes pitch black" -- from B Mendez at the University of Berkeley. See the full-size image here."

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