Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Computers! SuperSpouse is having an ongoing war with his PC. Finally, he phoned a friend who is something of a computer genius. Even with two humans waging war on the PC, I fear the computer may be winning at present.

Meanwhile, my [newish] laptop has decided that it's entertaining for the touchpad not to work when it's turned on. You attach the wi-fi mouse, and all is well. Do a restart, take the mouse away - and all is still well. And the next time and the next ... but not the next day. Ho-hum!

Finally, on my own PC - I accidentally allowed the printer to run out of paper mid-job. Now it is doing all manner of weird symbols, but not finishing the job. I got my own back - unplugged it and left it unplugged. Normally this fixes it - here's hoping ...

Yes! No symbols, and no print-job pending. Ah, blessed relief.

It's coming up to 10.30 pm. I actually got two out of three boys to bed at the right time. No.3 son was another kettle of fish entirely - he was listening to Horrid Henry, and would NOT go to sleep. Stopped the tape and started Classic FM - result, zzzzzzz...

Do I feel like doing research-minded stuff? Nope! Not right now. This is probably because I took the afternoon off and incarcerated myself in the university library before meeting my supervisor. Now, as far as my brain is concerned, I have "done" my studenty stuff for the day and deserve a break.

I shall plan some more music for the church choir, then call it a night.

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