Thursday, May 05, 2005

I am sulking. Why? I did a blog post, then someone phoned and cut off my internet connection. And with it, my newly-posted blog entry! Then I thought I'd try downloading an image-posting facility - but got cold feet and chickened out. So what do I have to show for the past 15 minutes? Nothing, nil, rien, gar nichts, nada. In short, zilch!

I think I'll go and be a good PseudoSupermum - I'll chase no.2 son to bed then start on no.1. If I offer him Pringles (vile, unhealthy, horrible salt-and-vinegar flavour), he'll probably be mine for ever. I'll settle for getting him to bed before 10 pm! SuperSpouse has been told, firmly, that he is NOT to buy salt-and-vinegar Pringles as a treat again. Both of us would have preferred our wine last night with something less strongly, and less artificially flavoured!

I've had a couple of hours chilling out on eBay, but must get some reading done once the boys are all in bed. Needs must!

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