Monday, May 23, 2005

It's Summer Walk to School Week. Hold me back! We working parents have our morning routines all sewn up, and suddenly, our kids are encouraged to walk to school. School is five miles away - our choice - so the suggested alternative was to park round the corner and let the kids walk from there. (Oh yes? Then you drive the car round the block, past the school, to get back onto the main road again?)

The solution - well, it wasn't a solution really, just the way it panned out - SuperSpouse stayed at home today to await the dishwasher engineer. (A tiny bit of plastic blocked the pump - it's okay again now.) Pseudo-Supermum drove the kids to the church where she used to be organist. Parked the car, walked the kids a quarter of a mile to school, walked back to the car. Drove to the underground, and travelled to the training day she was signed up to.

For the rest of the week, the boys will be dropped off with their childminder and walked to school. SuperSpouse has commitments on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and on Thursday is off to Crich in Derbyshire to celebrate trams at the National Tramway Museum. It's the 50th Anniversary Cavalcade. The tram picture comes from the National Tramway Museum website and is very dear to SuperSpouse and his friends, because the Scottish Tramway and Transport Society helped fund it.

Pseudo-Supermum will take the boys to the childminder early in the morning, and get to town in time for work.

To change the subject - you know I hurt my arms using the hedgecutter yesterday afternoon? A Google search later told me that sore upper arms and shoulders go with carpal tunnel syndrome. I thought mine was largely dormant these days, but it seems the pain tells me otherwise. And guess what? It was really sore last night, so I wore splints on both wrists over night, and kept one on today. Do you think this book would help me?

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