Thursday, May 26, 2005

My boss did me a favour today. Pointing out that I had travelled to Birmingham, Edinburgh, Dundee and Peebles within the past fifteen days, it was suggested that maybe I shouldn't volunteer for yet another committee. (It meets in London. Think about it ...)

Whilst I was swithering as to whether I should do it or not, I was actually quite relieved to have someone else make the decision for me this time. I am Doing Too Much. If I can't cut anything back, then at least I can try not to do any more!

Entitled "Chronic fatique", this jpg comes from

Today was a manic day. Probably because of all the travelling about I've been doing, my desk is a cluttered heap of actionable papers. I chipped away at the surface, but as I did so, more tasks just crowded in on top of me. I suppose I should be grateful that I knew the monologue that I was asked to find. (Probably the only monologue that I do know, as it happens!) And I knew the song someone else phoned up about. The title was nearly but not exactly what she said. And I found a website where someone could download the music for a song, very cheaply if not for free. I suppose that makes it a successful day.

Superspouse is in Derbyshire. (See earlier blogs this week.) I got up at 6.30 am, got the kids to the childminder and myself to work by 9 am, got them from the childminder and home again by 6 pm, cooked, had tea and washed the last pan by 7 pm, and was gulping a small cup of coffee when the babysitter arrived at 7.05 pm.

I'm at home with the kids tomorrow. Hallelujah! There may be stuff to get done, but I have all day with no schedule to keep to. What a welcome relief.

Snuffle, sniff. Where did that nippy throat and runny nose come from? Maybe it's a good thing I'm off on leave tomorrow. I don't need to inconvenience anyone by being off sick!

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