Saturday, May 14, 2005

"My parents are looking at real-estate in Spain" - well, what would you think if a child told you that? Oh yes, and I'm the Queen of England!

But on this occasion, he was right. No.3 son and I had gone to collect Cello Boy from his orchestra practice. His friend was stranded. I merely asked where his parents were, and that was the answer I got. He was being looked after by relatives while they were away.

(The image is of a Gameboy game called Stranded Kids - seemed appropriate. Shame that it looks as though you have to hunt down a used copy now - it must have gone out of production.)

"So, who's collecting you?"

"My aunt."

"Do you know where she lives?"

He named a district some miles away.

It turned out there had been a muddle over times, so we said we'd wait with him until he was picked up.

"We could always play to earn some money, then go and get a McDonalds while we wait ...?", said the Stranded One hopefully.
Well, I'm glad I didn't fall for that one, because he was collected sooner than he expected!
It's amazing how much time is taken up by everyday domesticity. Swimming lessons, orchestra, doing laundry, taking a load of stuff to the charity shop, recycling bottles and doing the supermarket run ... half-heartedly tidying the garden, and finally the bedtime routine.

Will I get any research reading done tonight? Who knows. Cello practice calls!

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