Monday, May 09, 2005

Stinky hamsters are just what any pseudo-supermum wants to come home to after working late!

But why do female hamsters smell so much worse than males? I did a Google search, and came up with various answers:-

  • females are on heat every 4 days (randy little devils!)
  • the cage is dirty (heck, I only changed it less than a week ago)
  • the hamster is diabetic?
  • the hamster is sick (I don't think so!)
  • hamsters have sweat glands in different places? (And what difference does that make? I can hardly tell the lady she needs anti-perspirant!)

In the absence of a clear, definitive answer, I did what any supermum would do - I changed both cages. Again.

Meanwhile, no.1 son is realising that getting older has both advantages and disadvantages. You get the chance to make choices. Sometimes they're difficult. Right now, we're battling with whether he should miss a couple of days' school to go to his uncle's wedding. Whatever no.1 son finally decides, no-one will mind. He's a bit unnerved by the enormity of the decision (to his way of thinking) - but as I pointed out, he wouldn't be very impressed if we decided for him.

Also, his uncle will remember being a young teenager when our sister got married. Not so different from being nearly twelve! I'm quite sure he'd understand if no.1 felt his presence was more urgently needed at school!

Do I want to read what C K Sharpe thought about old Scottish ballads? Well, yes, I do - but not at 11 pm after working late. Tomorrow is another day ...

I'm not sure whom I should acknowledge for the wonderful fairy picture; all I can do is quote their website, with many thanks!

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