Wednesday, May 25, 2005

To the tune of "It's a long way to Tipperary" - All together now, "It's a long way to Peebles Hydro, it's a long way to go..."

The picture comes from the Peebles Hydro Hotel website, but I'm sure they won't mind a mention if I say that it is a truly luxurious hotel in a fabulous location!

I was co-presenting a paper at a conference there this afternoon. We went in my car, and it rained the whole time. This was a pity, as the countryside was quite pretty around Peebles. What a long drive! You get to the last stretch of the journey, see the "Peebles 11 miles" sign, and sigh with relief. Then the road slowly winds this way and that, and it turns out to be the longest eleven miles you ever drove!

Returning home again, we reached Glasgow at the start of the rush-hour, and it took over an hour from that point to getting home. I've been a good, domesticated little Pseudo-Supermum this evening - knowing that SuperSpouse is going away for the weekend, I did all the ironing. (Shudder - not my favourite occupation.) Having packed his bag for him - why can men not pack their own holdalls? I've never quite understood that - I now have to think about packing Cello-Boy's case for his trip to France next week.

The next picture proves that the task is not insurmountable to a mere male of our species:

Credit where credit is due - the 1st picture is from; the 2nd from; and the last from

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