Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We've been watching "Bad Behaviour" on TV again. You marvel at the desperation of those poor parents who are so despairing of their awful kids that they are prepared to go on TV and reveal all to the general TV-watching public.

Poor Anne-Marie! She was having a terrible time as a single mum of five young kids, living on income support. Those kids were having a terrible time too, suffering at the end of her unbelievable temper. We watched incredulously at the beginning of the programme, hardly surprised that the kids had been on the "at risk" register. And we remained incredulous through to the end, because that amazing woman turned herself and her kids around - with Warwick's help - controlled her temper, and got her own and the kids' lives back to gether again. Absolutely amazing.

I have the utmost respect not just for Anne-Marie but also for Warwick, her guardian angel and advisor.

Yesterday was a Bad Day. I am very fond of my deceased mother-in-law's engagement ring, which I had renovated when I inherited it. Yesterday morning I realised a stone was missing.

I spent the day in Edinburgh attending meetings, and when I got back, I discovered that the dishwasher had packed in. So, too, had my SLR camera. They say these things go in threes, don't they? We love that dishwasher - it is such a timesaver. Luckily we DO have Coverplan for it, so calling out the engineer won't cost any extra. As for my camera - I'd bought new batteries for it at Edinburgh Waverley, but still it wouldn't work. I don't want a digital camera - I am happy with what I've got. I enjoy fiddling around with light settings and lenses.

Today, I went to the camera shop to see what could be done. Would you believe it? The man said I had the wrong kind of batteries, and told me not to use alkaline ones. Actually, I had bought one of the two types the instruction manual demanded. However, he had the last word - and the camera does work again. Hooray!

It's late, and we're tired. Excuse me if I disappear. I have a meeting at work then a meeting in Dundee tomorrow. The laptop is charging up in preparation for the journey! If I stay awake on the train, I have the chance of getting a whole load of work done ...

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