Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hey, look at me, I'm dancing! Please note and admire:-

Finally (well, actually, I did this first, before I started fiddling around with my links) - tired of having just one blogging page, I decided it was time to branch out. Let me introduce my new page, Recycled Postgrad. Same Pseudo Supermum - just teasing out the different aspects of my life.

Now, onto today's concerns. Keep praying for my friends' daughter. I don't have any news yet about how the operation went. It's a tense time.

Meanwhile, Super Spouse decided to have his birthday bash early - literally.

As they would say in Glasgow, See they Citroen C5 airbags? Well, they really work, sure they do!

The car in front of Super Spouse stopped very suddenly. He did an emergency stop, stalled ...

... and the next thing he knew there was an almighty bang and clouds of smoke, as the airbags were activitated. Had he smashed the front of the car? Damaged the radiator or worse? What about the other car?

He leapt out of that C5 with the agility of a gazelle. (Are we talking about my Super Spouse?)

The other driver took one look at his ashen face and suggested an ambulance. Then they examined the cars. Barely a whisper of a scratch on either car!

The Citroen dealer thinks the airbags may have been over-sensitive. I'll say! Lucky my Super Spouse didn't have a heart attack. (He had one over 20 years ago. We really don't want a repeat!)

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